What have we accomplished in this field

  • Japanese Trading House

    Development of strategy to enter PV market and acquire PV assets

    Japanese Trading House
  • Leading European

    Implementation of business model to offer Smart Energy solutions

    Leading European Utility
  • Taiwanese Electronics Manufacturer

    Development of branding and sales channel strategy for European PV markets

    Taiwanese Electronics Manufacturer
  • Indian Industrial Conglomerate

    Advisory for acquisition of European PV assets

    Indian Industrial Conglomerate
  • Local German Utility

    Development of potential Smart Energy business models

    Local German Utility
  • European Module Manufacturer

    Joint brainstorming of new revenue streams

    European Module Manufacturer
  • German Electronics Manufacturer

    Positioning of new PV product in marketplace

    German Electronics Manufacturer
  • Norwegian Cell and Module Manufacturer

    Achieving bankability with European banks

    Norwegian Cell and Module Manufacturer