Hoehner Research & Consulting Group

Your partner for turning challenges into opportunities that ultimately bring success.

  • Leveraging market intelligence is vital to maximizing return on your research investment.

    Along with EuPD Research and 360|Concept, we provide holistic solutions that facilitate just this. 

    The success of a new product , investment in an emerging market, or expansion of market share are all rooted in the reliable knowledge of what is already available, what the market expects, the competitive environment, and, what can be done to stand out from the competition. Having sound facts and figures is a good starting point. Our market intelligence delivers insight on the technologies you should use, the procurement strategies you should employ and what is needed to build and sustain your brand image.

    Moreover, we accompany you in the development and implementation of go-to-market strategies that cost-effectively bring your portfolio to your target groups in both established and new markets.

  • This includes the opportunity to become part of Joint Forces for Solar, an initiative bringing together all solar stakeholders along the value chain. Events are held around the world and offer unrivalled downstream access.  
    As communication plays a key role here, we design and deliver marketing and communications solutions that resonate with your market, impress your audience and boost your sales.
    But we go a step a further than the rest.
    Achieving goals in terms of turnover and earnings are only part of the corporate success story. Investing in the training and well-being of employees brings stability, commitment and strength from within. We audit your work and dedication to corporate health and education management and together with our partners award the Corporate Health Award and German Education prize to the best.