Smart Energy Consultants

360|Consult is a leading provider of consulting services to the Smart Energy sector, which includes decentralized generation, energy storage and integration of IT solutions into the delivery of energy. Our customizable solutions are focused on working along side our customers in order to help them to understand and excel in these fields of business.

Our approach to providing consulting services is to have frequent interaction with our clients and work together through key milestones through the use of workshops. Through the course of our engagements we will work both on and off-site, as we strive to be become involved with our clients as part of their team, acting as an external entity filling the gaps in their decision making processes while providing our industry expertise. If needed, we can also leverage our external network in order to bring in experts to solve specific problems.

Overall, we focus on guiding our clients through the dynamic market conditions in these growing industries and putting them on course for a successful future. Once on course, we provide continuous support to ensure that our clients are up to date on the latest developments in their business areas.

  • “At 360 | Consult we help our clients meet the rapidly changing requirements of the energy sector towards more sustainable generation and consumption solutions.”

    Markus A.W. Hoehner, Managing Partner, 360|Consult